Worship at Ackworth Howard Church School

Our Vision of Worship
As a Church of England school deeply rooted in the story of the Good Shepherd, our daily act of Collective Worship is a special and integral part of life at Ackworth Howard. It’s a time when our school community comes together to live out our commitment to nurturing the mind, body, and spirit of each child, inspired by the aspiration to 'live life in all its fullness' (John 10:10).

Dynamic Worship Leadership
Our Worship Committee Ministries, driven by our pupils, play an active and independent role in our worship, adding a vibrant dimension to pupil leadership and engagement. Worship at our school is not only led by teachers and visitors but also by our pupils, reflecting our ethos of pupil empowerment and leadership in spiritual matters.

Inclusive and Invitational Approach
We embrace an inclusive and invitational approach to worship, reflecting our vision and values. Our worship sessions, led variously by teachers, children, and guests like Reverend Karen Young, encourage our community to explore, question, and share perspectives on global issues and Christian values.

Worship Themes and Values
Our worship themes are closely linked with our curriculum threads and Christian values. These themes encourage a high level of spiritual and moral reflection and challenge our learners to take responsibility for their actions. Our core values - Friendship, Forgiveness, Compassion, and Trust - mirror the qualities we aspire to instill in each child.

Home-School Connection
Each half term, we send home a 'Home School Values' sheet to continue the conversation about our values and worship themes. These sheets offer opportunities for family discussions, sharing wisdom, and engaging in home-school challenges, inspired by exemplary characters who have demonstrated these values.

Our Christian Distinctiveness
Our commitment to a worshipful life extends beyond the boundaries of traditional worship, touching every aspect of school life. To learn more about how worship is interwoven into our educational approach, please refer to our Christian Distinctiveness pack, which includes our worship plans for the current academic year.

Recognition of Excellence
In our June 2016 inspection, we were graded as outstanding, a testament to the strength and depth of our worship practices and spiritual education.

Join us in this journey of faith, reflection, and community at Ackworth Howard Church School, where worship is a living, evolving practice that nurtures and inspires every member of our community - children and adults, flourishing together!