Outdoor Play and Learning

School Development Plan Key Focus 2.2

Can we strategically and sustainably improve the quality of play opportunities?

'Children spend 20% or 1.4 years of their school attendance in play.'

Our school recognises the value of playtime for children. To acknowledge this, we are embarking on a programme called OPAL ‘Outdoor Play and Learning’ and over  18 months will be looking to develop both our outdoor space and the play opportunities we offer. We will be listening to all those involved; children, teachers, parents and our Governing body.

The pandemic has particularly highlighted this area as much as anything and we are keen to ensure that the children get the best experiences through quality play as possible but also ensure that it is sustainable. The focus will also improve children’s physical and emotional health, well-being, approach to learning and enjoyment of school. Children’s health and opportunity to access time and space to initiative their own play outdoors provides significant benefits for pupils, parents, the school and the wider community.

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