We can make the change we want to see in our world!

Given how important good character is for young people to succeed, schools must be supported and encouraged to develop pupils' social, moral, spiritual and cultural strengths... on an equal footing with academic attainment. Social action is proven to develop key character strengths in young people. At the Howard School, this is something that we believe strongly in.

Ofsted places emphasis on the need to provide a curriculum rich in personal development to enable young people to contribute to wider society.

Encouraging 'social actions' as a tool benefits not only the community but the children's minds.

Education Benefits:

  • Enhances the curriculum - educates beyond!

Personal Benefits:

  • Develops confidence, resiliance and leadership.
  • Faithful, compassionate and committed to justice. Improved empathy.
  • A sense of purpose, developing an 'I can' mentality
  • Opens the heart and soul as well as the mind.


  • Working with others outside of social groups.
  • Active participation within the community.
  • Love, compassion, purpose and a shared society.


  • Long term, building skills for the world of work.
  • Shaping aspirations.
  • Development of non-academic skills.
  • Creating dynamic ambassadors who can make a positive contribution.

Examples of Character Development at the Howard School

  • Year 6 involvement in The Archbishop of York Youth Trust Award.
  • Links with Tanzania.
  • Charitable service.
  • Fundraising.
  • Pupil voice including the Heritage and Eco groups.
  • Community involvement.

Please see the SMSC examples document below for further examples.