At Ackworth Howard School we aim to provide a vibrant, stimulating reading culture which fosters a lifelong love of reading.  All of our children are encouraged to read regularly both at home and in school and appointed reading ambassadors promote reading, supporting and encouraging their peers. Parents and carers are encouraged to actively participate in their children’s reading journey.

Reading Scheme:

We use a variety of reading schemes within our school, including:

  • Big Cat
  • Rising Stars
  • Oxford Reading Tree
  • Ginn

These are colour banded appropriately according to their levels.

In addition to these, the children are encouraged to read a wide range of age appropriate ‘real’ books.  All children are members of our newly refurbished school library and classroom reading areas provide a wide range of stimulating reading materials which are linked to topic work and carefully selected to promote reading and develop language.

Emphasis in Foundation Stage is on the development of reading by incorporating synthetic phonics and guided group reading sessions.

Reading books are carefully matched to enable the children to practise and consolidate their developing phonic skills.

As your child develops into a more confident, independent reader the emphasis is placed on their ability to understand the text rather than moving through the scheme. This ensures that as they become proficient readers, their understanding and knowledge of text develops.

Children are encouraged to re-read texts in order to develop their fluency, confidence and expression, especially when they are at the instructional stage where they need to segment and blend many words.

When teaching whole class and guided reading, books are carefully selected to develop and extend vocabulary.  Individual class and whole school words of the week encourage the children to widen and deepen their understanding vocabulary.


We have produced a phonics resource for parents which outlines our approach to phonics teaching and offers guidance to parents who want to support their children at home. 

You can download this PowerPoint document here -… 

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Parents and carers are welcomed into school to share in their children’s reading journey.  In EYFS, we hold regular nursery rhyme workshops where parents are invited into school to enjoy traditional rhymes whilst KS1 parents are encouraged to join the children for library sessions when they are given the opportunity to select and share books. 

Your support in regularly listening to your child read is vital in their journey to becoming a fluent and confident reader. Please remember to encourage and praise your child. It is estimated that there are around half a million words in the English language! In addition to this, it is known to be one of the hardest languages in the world to learn to read and write.

If you have any further concerns or questions please don't hesitate to speak to Mrs Albaya.