Core Development Areas 2021-2022:

Growth in Mind:

1.1 How can we sustain curriculum improvement in order to build upon crucial content and ensure impact?

1.2 How can we continue to raise standards of academic attainment returning to and moving beyond pre-pandemic levels?

1.3 How can our approach to teaching early writing be enhanced to address the impact of Covid-19?

1.4 How can we build on existing practice and improvement in mathematics in order to continue to raise standards?

Growth in Body:

2.1 How can we address the impact of Covid-19 on children’s mental health and wellbeing?

2.2 Can we strategically and sustainably improve the quality of play opportunities?

Growth in Spirit

3.1 Can parents’ understanding of the distinctive Christian vision be enhanced and can the biblical narrative behind John 10:10 and spiritual development be explored and made explicit to all stakeholders?

3.2 How can pupils be given further opportunities to identify and act on the issues that concern them, locally, nationally and globally and become articulate courageous advocates for change?

3.3 How can pupils’ opportunities to plan, lead and evaluate worship and wider spiritual encounter be further developed?