Picture of the teachers and pupils in the school, taken outside under tress.

Working With and Learning From…

'The school’s curriculum takes care to draw attention to and challenge issues of global injustice. As a result, pupils are determined to ensure that all achieve 'fullness of life' through access to a good education. This is clearly seen in their work with their partnership school in Tanzania. Pupils are also thankful to their friends in Tanzania for teaching them new skills and helping to invigorate collective worship. Pupils are empowered to be agents of change on issues that they feel passionate about.'

- SIAMS 2024

'The school has strong links with a school in Tanzania. This helps pupils to understand life beyond their own community. Pupils have raised funds to help build a classroom at their partner school.'

- Ofsted 2020

Strong links have been forged between schools in the Leeds Diocese and Tanzanian schools in the Mara Diocese. Our school is at the forefront of this and an ambassador for the project given Mr. Walkers participation on the most recent visit, his membership of the Tanzania Link Committee, chaired by Bishop Tony Robinson, and taking on the role of Tanzanian Link School’s Coordinator,  leading within the network of school’s and communication with colleagues in Tanzania.

This is a partnership that has gone from strength to strength and is highly valued by the school. The link is part of the fabric of the school and children and staff engage as part of the overall school vision. Using the Tanzania link as a model to inspire change has been proven to impact on children’s behaviours as agents of change, the ability to challenge injustice and use their own initiative to fundraise and challenge in other areas.

Over the last few years, strong links have been forged between schools in the Leeds Diocese and Tanzanian schools in the Mara Diocese. Historically this grew from the work being done by the Wakefield Diocese.  Over time, schools here have helped raise funds for a huge variety of projects to help communities in Mara. These have included digging wells, building classrooms, providing text books and desks. BUT it is not just about fundraising. Crucially, for the children, it is about learning about other cultures, making friends across the miles and learning key Christian values.

From the visit, many opportunities to learn from the Tanzanian schools have been identified including creativity within the curriculum. Opportunities to enhance the curriculum through this partnership are threaded throughout curriculum plans. Use of Swahili in worship is always enjoyed by the pupils and the offering of prayers, song and music adds to the richness of provision.

More importantly, our work impacts on the lives of communities in extreme poverty and offers hope to many and it is that hope that keeps this network thriving.

This link is closely aligned to our vision, particularly in developing the spirit:

Growth in MIND:

  • Learners educate, communicate and build enduring relationships with internal and external communities.
  • A broad and balanced curriculum is promoted.

Growth in BODY:

  • Learners are encouraged to celebrate the wonderful variety of ways to be human.
  • Human identity in all its forms is celebrated ensuring dignity and respect.
  • Learners understand that we are all created equally in God’s image.

Growth SPIRIT:

  • Learners show courageous advocacy, driving ethical decisions affirming what is right.
  • Learners are supported to be the change they want to see in the world.
  • Learners offer radical hospitality and are welcoming to all.
  • Learners challenge injustice and are committed to justice.
  • Learners become agents of change.
  • Character development impacts on wider society enabling people to flourish together.

Proud of our partnership with Mshikamano (Solidarity) Primary School - Bega Kwa Bega (Shoulder to Shoulder)

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