Communication Graphic

We greatly value our partnership with parents and communicate in a variety of ways:

We send out whole school newsletters each week to keep parents up to date with what has been going on in the school. These are sent home with the children and published on the school's website and Facebook page.

We send out class learning overviews at the beginning of every term to give parents a view of what their child's class will be learning. These are available on the school website and once published will be shared via the newsletter/Facebook.

We use a text messaging service to communicate quick reminders or changes to the school day.

We also have a popular Facebook page that you can follow.

The website is updated regularly.

At the beginning of the year we also send out provisional dates that have already been set for the whole year to give you as much notice as possible to plan. These are available on the website too.

If you have a query or concern, please follow the communications procedures accessible below.

If you communicate with the school via email, please direct all emails to [email protected](link sends e-mail). These will then be forwarded to the most appropriate person.

Remember: “Tell us, not Facebook!”