During this week, we have embraced Children's Mental Health and Safer Internet Week, culminating in a vibrant non-uniform day where the children have expressed themselves in outfits that sparked joy. Our theme, ‘My Voice Matters’, was brought to life through an array of activities designed to foster meaningful connections and understanding of internet safety and emotional wellbeing. Highlights included engaging workshops with cyber-crime officers, creating emotion wheels for managing feelings, and insightful lessons on online safety and consent. We explored tranquillity through mindfulness activities, celebrated creativity in forest school, and our Wellbeing Ambassadors led an inspiring worship, reinforcing the importance of seeking support and the five ways to wellbeing. The week was a testament to our commitment to nurturing healthy minds and promoting a safe, supportive online and offline environment for our pupils. For more resources and support, visit the Mental Health and Wellbeing section on our website.