Today, we had a special worship session focused on helping our children develop a deeper understanding of our school's vision. We believe that by knowing our core values and what we stand for, our pupils will feel a stronger connection to our school community and be better equipped to navigate their academic and personal journeys.

Furthermore, to ensure our entire school community is on the same page, we have detailed our vision in this weeks newsletter. Parents, please take a moment to read through it. We believe that with your support and understanding, our collective efforts will create a nurturing and inspiring environment for our children.

And in the spirit of creativity, we are excited to announce the launch of an art activity for our children around our school vision. This activity will allow our pupils to express their understanding and interpretations of what our school stands for. We can't wait to see their creations and will be showcasing them in a special area of our school.

Stay tuned for updates on this art activity and the wonderful artworks our talented children produce. Let's celebrate our shared vision and the amazing community we've built together!

"Below, you will find the art activity sheet which children could take home if they wished. Additionally, the worship slides from this morning are included to aid in discussions."