🌟 Thank you to everyone who joined our open afternoon! We hope you enjoyed exploring your child's work and engaging in wonderful conversations. 📚

👏 We've been thoroughly impressed with the children's open response tasks this week, allowing them to showcase and apply the knowledge they've acquired during the half-term.

Year 5 delved into the decline of the Benin Empire, addressing the question 'Was the kingdom of Benin a successful period in history?' in their end-of-unit essays. 📜

Year 3 students thoroughly enjoyed their end-of-unit writing task on 'Stone Age to Iron Age' history – their knowledge has expanded impressively! ðŸĶī

For Year 6, they marked the conclusion of their RE unit by creating a double page spread on creation and Science: conflicting or complementary. 🌏âœĻ

We're thrilled to present some of their fantastic work – keep an eye out for more highlights on our X page! 🎉

Wishing everyone a fantastic half-term break, and we can't wait to welcome you all back on Tuesday, November 7th. Enjoy a well-deserved rest! 🍂