With the National F1 in Schools Finals right around the corner, the Robotic Racers have been busy applying their STEM skills following their meeting with the Director of Redsoul Design.

The children made a valiant attempt at Computer Aided Design (CAD) to design a new front wing to try and increase air resistance and make the car faster.

The team were ready to upgrade their regional competition car but first needed to calculate a baseline speed to analyse their improvements. They used their mathematics skills to work out the speed - Speed = Distance / Time.... They calculated an average of 0.81m/s.

The car is now ready to race and they've done a great job!!! The team have redeveloped the car with the biggest upgrade being the wings to increase air resistance and a brand new skin which includes their team and sponsorship logo. They tested on Friday and were amazed that the speed of the car has increased by 27%!

The boys involved have been amazing considering that this is in addition to their usual school work. So much enthusiasm, dedication and ideas but they're not done yet... They still have to consider their presentation, design portfolio, pit display and team marketing.