What an inspiring day! We are extremely proud of the children for their fantastic achievement: competing in the national finals of F1 in Schools UK. It was truly remarkable. And to bring home a trophy as well is just wonderful. The Robotic Racers won the Judges' Choice Award, with a special mention stating ‘as the youngest team they have greatly exceeded expectations.’ They were also nominated for two other awards - team identity and sponsorship and marketing.

The team have worked really hard on some very challenging tasks, including racing, design presentation, formal presentation, pit design, sponsorship sourcing, merchandising, and live YouTube interviews. It was definitely a nerve-racking experience! Throughout it all, they have shown enthusiasm, commitment, and initiative. Well done, team!

A huge congratulations to all the children who have been on this incredible F1 in Schools journey this season. From the very first session of our after-school activity club to competing at regionals and everything in between, you have all made us tremendously proud.

The project is the pathway to future F1 engineers and aims to sow the seeds of STEM learning at an early age, encouraging pupils to develop knowledge and skills through practical, hands-on activities. We are so proud to see the children showcasing this knowledge confidently in front of the judges.