The school’s safeguarding culture strives to ensure that children are aware of, and understand, the local risks that they may face.

Adolescent risk is a local risk factor. The teenage years are a time identified as being risky due to increasing independence and exploration which can include trying out different lifestyles and engaging in some risk. This is part of normal development however it shows how vitally important it is to ensure that children are educated in the risks that they may become exposed to, helping them to understand positive choices that benefit not only themselves but the community around them too.

A number of initiatives are undertaken in school to broaden children’s horizons and it was wonderful to welcome PCSO Andy Devonport into school to work with Year 5 and Year 6 pupils.

Andy is from the Wakefield Off-Road Motorcycle Team and spoke to the children about motor vehicle offences and advised them about the consequences of such actions - this was age appropriate. He talked about the police, online safety and what he does day to day in his role as part of the Team.

The session followed with a look around the off-road police motorcycle outside which the children, Miss O’Brien, Howard Bear and PC Bobby really enjoyed!!!