A priority in school is to deliver on our personal development journey for the children to prepare them for a variety of risks and situations they may encounter as they get older. As part of this journey, Year 3 have undertaken a first aid programme today. The aim of the course was to increase pupils' knowledge and skills, in a safe friendly manner, ensuring that if they are ever in an emergency situation they will know how to react safely. 

The First Aid programme included:

• How to make a clear and efficient call to the emergency services

• Keeping safe in an emergency

• Dealing with some common injuries and treatment, such as Cuts and bleeding, head injuries

• Airway Obstruction: Choking

• Lifesaving skills including how to perform CPR

• When a defibrillator might be needed - also a chance to have a go on a practice AED.

The children have really enjoyed the session and it has been wonderful seeing them practicing their new skills during the course.