A few tears were shed on Friday when the news was received that more children than ever before would be able to begin secondary school in January 2023, increasing the life chances and opportunities for many more children.

We had been waiting to receive the Standard Seven (end of primary) examination results for our partner school Mshikamano and are so pleased to report that 93% of children achieved the required standard to progress their education - a significant increase!

Speaking to the Headteacher, Datus January and Misoji Moses from the Mara Diocese, was extremely humbling. They shared that the children, parents and teachers are very happy with the good results and are very grateful for our prayers. They stated that this had never happened before and has become a great blessing to the school.

When asked about what they thought impacted on such big improvements they shared a few points:

  • 'The teachers dedicated themselves to teaching and tracking children, especially those who were always absent.'
  • 'Most of the time children tried to sit for exams with different schools to increase their ability to answer different questions.'
  • 'Some teachers used the computer you gave us for searching different materials for teaching and learning.'
  • 'Lastly your prayers and the support you gave them have contributed a lot, it encouraged them to study hard.'

He also asked that I pass on his regards to the Ackworth Howard school community.

For the children who did not pass, they are now waiting for the government's declaration as to whether they will be allowed to repeat their exams next year. We have our fingers crossed for this!