The weather and atmosphere was wonderful during our sports day and family BBQ event on Friday. Thank you to everyone who attended and supported, we hope that you enjoyed it.

The children took part in a house team sports competition during the morning taking part in events such as the 400m, sprint relay, throwing activities and a number of other field events.

Year 5 welcomed visitors with their samba playing at the start of the afternoon and our traditional sports activities took place. Classes took part in events such as sprinting, egg and spoon, sack races and 3 legged races. There was even a very exciting parent’s race! Well done to everyone who took part.

Thank you to the HSA, staff, volunteers and contributors who supported the organisation of the family BBQ and to Mr. Barstow and the sports leaders for organising the sporting events.

The Sports Day results have calculated and Team Cumulus (Blue Team) are the winners. Well done!