1. Procedure for dealing with general complaints (summary chart).

  2. School Complaints Procedure; Introduction;

    • General Principles;

    • Cut Off Limits;

    • Serial or Persistent Complaints.

  3. Stage One – dealing with informal complaints and concerns.

  4. Stage Two – formal consideration by the Headteacher (or other appropriate person).

  5. Stage Three – formal consideration by the Chair of Governors (or other designated Governor).

  6. Stage Four – consideration by a Panel of Governors.

  7. Closure of Complaints

  8. Unreasonably Persistent Complainants

  9. Appendix A: Procedure for dealing with unreasonably persistent complainants.

  10. Appendix B: Approach for dealing with complaints about Governors

  11. Appendix C: Stage Two Complaint Form

12. Appendix D: Stage Three Complaint Form 13. Appendix E: Stage Four Complaint Form 14. Appendix F: Complaint Monitoring Form

The LA’s Social Care Complaints Team provides advice to parents, Headteachers and School Governors on the procedure and what they can do if the procedure is not being followed. Telephone: 01924 302840, Email: [email protected]

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