Safer Schools Officer

PC Amanda Blunt is our Safer Schools Officer. PC Blunt is well known to the children and provides the children with advice and strategies in order for them to stay safe!


  • Tuesday 10th October - Tour of the School (Introduction to the children)
  • Monday 30th October - Whole School Bonfire and Halloween Safety Assembly
  • Monday 17th November - Whole School Anti-Bullying Assembly
  • Monday 17th November - Year 6 Anti-Bullying Workshop
  • Monday 27th November - Whole School Road Safety Assembly Monday 11th December - KS2 Crime and Punishment Workshops (Q+A sessions)
  • Thursday 15th February - Whole School E-Safety Assembly
  • Thursday 15th February - Year 6 E-Safety Workshop
  • Thursday 22nd March - Anti Social Behaviour Workshop Y6
  • Monday 21st May - Year 6 Drugs and Alcohol Workshop
  • Monday 9th July - Year 6 Transition

PC Blunt will also be offering 'stranger danger' workshops in Nursery during the year and will respond to and support in any emerging needs the school has.