A little bit of magic at Alnwick Castle/Hogwarts kicked off the journey for Year 5 on Wednesday before they followed in the footsteps of St. Cuthbert. They passed their broomstick flying training and enjoyed visiting Harry Potter filming locations!

On the first evening, the children set sail on their sunset cruise, exploring the Farne Islands where St. Cuthbert became a hermit, living on one of the islands for about eight years. Now preserved as bird sanctuaries, the Farne Islands offered the children a chance to look for physical remains from Cuthbert’s time as well as wildlife such as seals and puffins.

The next day, very early due to the safe tide crossing times, the children travelled to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. They walked part of the Pilgrim’s Way. The road was not constructed until 1954, and until then, the vertical poles were the only indicators of the safe route between the mainland and island. The sight of the poles stretching across the sand and mud is one of the most iconic views in Northumberland. Walking the route away from the road and following in the footsteps of our medieval ancestors was a wonderful experience and turned out to be a tough challenge, which everyone achieved – well done!

Before exploring Holy Island, the children accomplished another challenge: reaching St. Cuthbert Island. As the tide rises, it becomes completely separated from Holy Island. The legend is that St. Cuthbert used to escape here when he wanted to retreat away from the monks in the abbey. The children were invited to share in the school prayer.

After visiting Holy Island, enjoying an ice cream, and recovering from the day's exertions, the children visited Bamburgh beach for some fun on the sand and in the sea.

Our final day took the children to the awe-inspiring Durham Cathedral, the perfect way to round off their Northumberland residential. The children explored the history and importance of Durham Cathedral, St. Cuthbert’s legacy, and his final resting place. They also completed drama activities related to stories of St. Cuthbert.

There are many photos available on our Facebook page.