Today I received an update on our partner school from Canon Arthur, the Education Officer in the Diocese of Mara. He confirmed that there are now 2367 pupils and 30 teachers at our partner school Mshikamano (Solidarity) Primary School.

I asked Arthur if there were any projects that we could try and support with. He was very excited to say that the school now has some electricity and a priority for them would be to purchase 2 desktop computers for the children to use and a photocopier so that they can prepare for their exams themselves rather than having to use a stationery shop in town. Other needs which are also important to them are sports gear, footballs, netballs, sports clothing and minor renovations to the school buildings.

During the visit to Tanzania 3 years ago, electricity lines were being fitted in towns, however it was up to people to connect to the system themselves at cost. It is wonderful and very exciting to hear that the school is now on the grid!

Another encouraging update is that a toilet block is in the process of being built as can be seen in the photo.

It is great to see the children of our partner school learning from Standard 1-7 (Reception to Year 6 equivalent) and if you look closely in each photo you can see Matumani (Hope), the partner bear to Howard which was gifted during the visit 3 years ago. It is lovely to see that they value this offering still as a symbol of our partnership/friendship.

I can remember during my time at Northfield Middle School as a pupil and the day we got our first BBC Computer, a period of excitement I will never forget. How times have changed for us! Imagine giving the children of our partner school this opportunity…

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