Year 5 had a great time in Northumberland during their residential visit. They graduated in their broomstick flying training from the Howard School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at Alnwick Castle and enjoyed a sunset cruise exploring the Farne Islands and learning about seals and rare bird breeds on their first day.

On the second day, we visited The Holy Island of Lindisfarne. After Travelling across the causeway, we visited St. Cuthbert’s Isle and shared our school prayer in the ruins of the medieval chapel, we then explored Holy Island on foot, enjoyed an ice cream (or cookie) treat, explored rock pools and created rock stacks. Seahouses was next on the agenda to visit the gift shops, followed by a trip to the beach in Bamburgh for the evening to play games and enjoy some paddling.

The final day concluded with a trip to Durham Cathedral. The children were excellent, asking thoughtful questions and discovering more about the truly holy journey of St Cuthbert and making connections to their entire residential trip. They lit a candle within St Cuthberts shrine and observed a time of silence to reflect on their journey.

The final activity of the residential, entitled 'Outdoor Cuthbert' involved creating role plays of 3 famous stories from St Cuthbert that teach us important messages and each involves animals. The boy, the fish and the Eagle;  Osulf and The Serpent; Cuddy's Duck. The children were creative and reflective, a credit to our school.

Thank you to the children for being such great ambassadors for The Howard School and to the staff who generously offered their time to support the visit.