It was wonderful to receive an unexpected video call from Canon Arthur, the Education Officer in the Diocese of Mara yesterday. During the call, Mr Datus January was introduced as the new Headteacher of our partner school, Mshikamano Primary School. Following the call, we then received an email with a letter and some photo/video updates which can be seen below. The videos show the children using the new classroom and it is great to see the gifts we sent are cherished by the children, particularly the bear which they use as their school mascot just like we use Howard. The bear is named Matumaini which means Hope in Swahili. 

How is the Uk in general, here in Tanzania we are fine, Although we have passed through a pandemic disease (corona). it affected partly our system in our school because by that time the government announced to close school so pupils stayed at home for almost three months. During that period our pupils were coming to school to collect holiday packages prepared by teachers and do exercise. After three days their parents supposed to back them to school for marking. It was very difficult to handle that situation because we are needed to be careful by taking precautions by keeping distance and wash hands. we thank God that we didn’t hear that any of our pupils affected by corona

When government announced to re open school we are still taking precautions and advise pupils to wash hands every time where by we have placed buckets of water for washing hands at the entry point of each class

We have started a holiday since last Friday the 4th June 2021 until 5th July 2021 by that time pupils will stay at home with their parents, some of them will travel for the holidays. but standard seven and four will proceed on with remedial classes for two weeks, immediately after they leave they will sit for reginal mock exams so they need to be well prepared .in November they will sit the national exams

We are happy to inform you that the classroom you all built for us is the best class in our school pupils enjoy very much studies in that class, it is used by standard seven pupils and teachers are appreciating so much your contribution in building that class, and they give thanks to you and our friend Ackwath School.

At present the average number of children in each class is ranges between 150 to 180

I am happy to inform you that pupils are enjoying so much playing football and netball. In March we had inter-school games, they used the balls you gave us. Pupils enjoyed so much they rembered. When they go to the game they go with the Ackwath bear the sign of our friendship. We want our friendship to be active and strong forever.

I would like also to introduce to you our new headteacher. The government have changed the school head, therefore instead of Amina  Mujungu, who was the headteacher of Mshikamano, we now have Datus January.

We send much greetings to our friends Ackwath Howad. We love them


Mshikamano Headteacher and Ward Education officer