During our Ackworth School’s Community Council meeting on the 13th May, the children discussed a number of community projects for the summer term. A community litter pick was something the children felt passionate about and so planned a week long litter pick to take place this week.

Each school has been allocated a day and it was Ackworth Howard’s turn today. As a school we decided to do this as a whole school litter pick and allocated different areas of the local area to each class.

They have done a wonder job contributing in a positive social action for the local community and I hope that some of you got the chance to see the children out and about, making a difference in our shared society. It has been brilliant to see how proud the children are of what they have undertaken today!

Thank you to Ackworth Parish Council for organising the equipment.

The Community Council’s next project is to support the Ackworth Scarecrow competition and we are looking forward to sharing our creation!