The children were introduced to the value of strength this week. We discussed that showing strength doesn’t only mean being physically strong but also refers to the importance of having the strength to deal with difficult situations - showing determination and resilience.

Captain Tom Moore was highlighted as a positive role model to demonstrate this value and the children revisited his extraordinary legacy 12 months on.

Following on from this, the children discussed the value and what it means to them. Today the children have taken part in the Captain Tom 100 day continuing his legacy and undertaking the 100 challenge. This has required the children to undertake challenges involving attempting something 100 times in a row, showing strength just like Captain Tom did.

They have really enjoyed the day and it has been wonderful to see the many ways individuals and groups of children have interpreted the challenge. This included a whole school active challenge in this mornings worship led by Year 6, physical challenges such as 100 of a particular exercise such as star jumps, tasks linked to learning such as counting to 100 and using phonics to read 100 words in Reception, activities that have improved the school grounds such as litter picking challenges, and even marathon challenges involving running/walking 100 laps of a specified area… Well done everyone!

The children have done a brilliant job of raising the profile of the Captain Tom Foundation and recognising our NHS heroes. If you would like to donate you can do so by following this link -!/