In looking at ways to encourage more physical activity in school during the restrictions in place as a result of the pandemic, we have decided to purchase Moki – the physical activity tracker designed for schools.

Moki is a simple activity tracker that allows school to gain valuable insight into the activity of the children. We can view reports and create challenges for classes. We can even compete against other schools who have the bands!

Moki bands contain an accelerometer that tracks both the amount and intensity of movement. Just like a checkout at the supermarket, Moki uses technology to make it quick and easy to capture the data when tapping the band on the Moki reader.

The bands are easily assigned to the children and they use the same one all of the time - another advantage during Covid times.

Year 6 had a trial of the tracking bands on Friday and we will be rolling them out to the whole of Key Stage 2 in the next week. We may even get some staff to compete against the classes… We will let you know how we get on!

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