On Tuesday 11th June 2019, the primary schools of Ackworth held their first Primary School Community Committee meeting. The purpose of the group is to identify community projects where the primary schools can work collaboratively for the benefit of all the young people in the village.

The Primary School’s decided to prioritise the litter issue in the village for their first project. They have planned litter picks around the village and wil...l take before and after photographs, which they are then planning on using to create a poster, with key messages and captions for the local community regarding litter prevention in the village. The poster will be displayed on each school’s website and local social media.

The litter picks have been organised for on the following dates:
Tuesday 25th June 2019 – Mill Dam & Ackworth School
Wednesday 26th June 2019 – Bell Lane
Thursday 27th June 2019 – Oakfield Park & Bell Lane
Friday 28th June 2019 – Ackworth Howard School

This initiative has kindly been supported by Adam Fletcher (Spring Clean 2019) and Wakefield Council who are co-ordinating the resources to support the students with their project.

The Primary School Community Committee will meet again in September 2019 to plan their collaborative projects for the 2019/20 academic year. These projects may include road safety in the village and raising funding for a community bus.