Curriculum Intent

Educating for ‘life in all its fullness.’

At Ackworth Howard CofE J&I School we are passionate about our curriculum providing opportunities for growth in mind, body and spirit through inspirational and innovative education underpinned by a deeply Christian ethos. Those who learn and work here will develop confidence, embrace creativity and enhance their knowledge and skills so that they can experience ‘life in all its fullness.’ (John 10:10) Our curriculum is the driving force behind this philosophy and in achieving our vision for the school.

Strategic Intention 1 - MIND

To ensure high expectations and aspirations in all areas of school life creating an inspirational learning environment where knowledge is acquired through discovery. Creativity, the development of academic habits and skills, and broadening children’s hopes and aspirations will help to engender an enjoyment for learning and secure excellent pupil outcomes. Learners will be well prepared for any future path they choose.

Strategic Intention 2 - BODY

To ensure that the safety and wellbeing of learners is paramount, where every child matters and, crucially knows they matter. Learners are welcome to explore who they are, develop confidence and emotional intelligence thus ensuring that they become the best versions of themselves within an accepting and understanding community.

Strategic Intention 3 - SPIRIT

Supporting spiritual growth for learners, wherever they are on their faith journey, is central to our community life. Prayer and worship are supported by an innovative curriculum where ideas are expressed creatively to develop the spirit and contribute to life in all its fullness. The Christian values of COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS, FRIENDSHIP and TRUST empower learners to lead by example.