As a Church of England school our daily act of Collective Worship is a special time that brings together members of the school community.

Our Worship Committee Ministries take an active role in in our worship. The children are very independent when undertaking this responsibility.

Worship is led by teachers, children and visitors. During class assemblies, families are invited into school and we are extremely grateful for the tremendous parental support we have. Groups of children are encouraged to prepare, lead and evaluate worship based on one of our themes. These opportunities allow them to gain valuable leadership experience and extend their ability to think and reflect on a wide range of global issues.

Our worship is further enhanced by fortnightly visits from Reverend Charlene Smith.  The children are further challenged to think, ask questions and share their views about the world around them.

Our themes are based on Christian values such as:
•Koinonia (Fellowship)

Our core values of Friendship, Forgiveness, Compassion and Trust reflect the aspirations we have for each child, to inspire a high level of spiritual and moral reflection and to challenge our learners to take responsibility for their own actions.

More information about these values can be found at is external).  

Alternatively, talk to the children who will happily share their understanding of our school values and the impact this makes on their learning and behaviour.

In June 2016 we were inspected by the National Society, where we were graded as outstanding.

Home School Values

Each half term where applicable, each child will be sent home with a 'Home School Values' sheet. These enable conversations related to what the children are learning in school and provide opportunities for talking, reading together, sharing words of wisdom, fascinating facts, a family focus, a home school challenge and to share in an inspirational character who has demonstrated the value.

Please find attached below the long term worship plans for 2019-2020.