Pupil Leadership

At the Howard School we value the importance of pupils’ opinions and provide the children with opportunities to lead their peers and contribute to the development of the school.

Throughout the school we have many varied opportunities for children to develop leadership, communication and social skills equipping them with necessary skills for the future.

Children take part in a recruitment process in order to undertake advertised jobs in school and are constantly provided with opportunities to debate, share and lead.

We also believe that 'character education' and 'social actions' are a strength of the school successfully preparing the children who leave the Howard School for the diverse society they live in and in turn producing responsible citizens.

You can find out more about character education and social actions in our 'learning' section on the website.

Examples of Pupil Voice:

​School Council

We have an active School Council, made up of twelve children from Year 1 up to Year 6. These children are elected by their peers. The children work on behalf of their peers to help voice the views of the children and contribute to the continual improvements of our school. The School Council hold regular meetings with Mr. Walker throughout the school year where they discuss matters brought forward by the children. You can view the minutes from the meetings on our display in school.

​Worship Group

We are very proud of our Worship Group at Ackworth Howard School. The group discuss and evaluate Collective Worship, taking an active role daily by setting up the hall and organising worship. They also plan and prepare Worship which they lead for the whole school. The group also work on projects which ensure continued pride in our distinctiveness as a church school.

The children are committed to promoting Christian values throughout the school. They take their tasks seriously and set good examples for others to follow.

​Eco Committee

The schools Eco Committee is composed of pupils and other members such as the Headteacher, School Business Manager, Caretaker and a Governor, all working together to promote awareness of environmental issues and improve our own surroundings.

We are proud of our school environment and are currently working towards achieving the eco school silver award having recently achieved the bronze award.

The Eco Committee focus on developing aspects of the school linked to the environmental review undertaken by the committee. An action plan is produced and it is expected that the whole school community work towards its outcomes. Details can be seen on the display in school.

​The Howard Heritage Group

​This group of pupils is a newly established group with the aim of protecting the school's historic documentation and to ensure that the school's rich history is well known by the pupils and the school community. The children are currently working on a number of projects.

We also have Anti-bullying Ambassadors, Playground Leaders, Sports Leaders and Digital Leaders.