Our definition of ‘The Curriculum’ is all the activities that we plan, organise and deliver in order to facilitate the development of our pupils, their learning, their personal growth, their spiritual development and an understanding of British values. Whilst our curriculum includes the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, it also aims to provide a range of experiences to enhance and enrich learning and development for all in relation to our school setting and local area. We broaden children's horizons through 'character education' and 'social actions' which we believe are essential in instilling the values we hold dearly.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Our Nursery and Reception classes follow the framework laid down in the EYFS statutory framework which aims to support children's development in seven areas of learning and development.

The three prime areas are:

•Communication and language

•Physical development

•Personal, social and emotional development

There are also four specific areas through which the prime areas are strengthened and applied:



•Understanding the world

•Expressive arts and design

The EYFS is underpinned by four overarching principles which acknowledge that each child is a unique and constant learner and needs to grow and develop through forming positive relationships in an enabling environment. In addition, children develop and learn at different rates and thus the framework supports the learning of all children including those with special needs and disabilities.

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

As the children progress through the school, the subject areas of the National Curriculum become more distinct. Religious education and worship in assemblies are an integral part of the children’s experience and school life.

The school’s defined essential knowledge, which is deeper and broader than the National Curriculum expectation, is taught coherently across all subjects. Reading is key to the curriculum offer and underpins the fabric of the curriculum with high quality and challenging texts utilised across all subjects.

Using the national curriculum and our school vision and values, subject leaders have developed the ‘Howard Knowledge Essentials,’ criteria which we aspire for all our children to achieve during their time at Ackworth Howard. We strive for all children to leave our school equipped with the essential knowledge they need to succeed at secondary school and in future life. For each subject and year group a set of non-negotiables have been established to enable learners to continue good progress throughout our school.

These knowledge essentials influence planning by the teachers and ensure that our children ‘Know more, remember more and can do more.’

At the heart of the curriculum are a core set of threads, underpinned by our P4C approach, all of which ensure the development of socially aware citizens who engage with the wider world and the issues within it: Diversity, Values and Perceptions, Social Justice, Health and Wellbeing, Resilience and Aspirations. Character development punctuates this curriculum.

The curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of our pupils specifically incorporating: purposeful and rich links to local heritage and community, research based pedagogy and in depth knowledge of the school’s setting.

This culminates in children who know more, remember more and can do more, ready to experience ‘life in all its fullness.’